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Rehabilitation on implants

Rehabilitation on implants

Restoration on implants is the preferred treatment and has the best results for restoring missing teeth. On modern implants a single crown, dentures or bridges can be fixed that are more stable and comfortable than ever. Rehabilitation on implants makes it possible to restore the patient’s chewing ability, speech and quality of life.

Single tooth restoration
Loss of a single tooth can occur due to gum disease or tooth decay, as a result of an accident or non-growth of a permanent tooth after deciduous tooth loss (rare). In case one tooth is missing, a dental implant can be implanted on which a crown will be mounted. This is a simple procedure that lasts about an hour.
Restoration of several teeth
When more than one tooth is missing, the quality of life can be severely impaired – eating, speech and dental aesthetics will be impaired. Rehabilitation on implants is the best solution for significantly improving the quality of life. Technology today makes it possible to implant a small number of implants (2-8 depending on the number of restored teeth) with a porcelain bridge mounted or glued on them.